Holiday in times of Corona

Can we at least start dreaming of a nice vacation? I think it is safe to say the way we live in our daily life has been hugely effected by the coronavirus pandemic. Therefore it comes as no surprise that the way we holiday and travel will include that too. While many countries around the globe has enforced social distancing and self quarantine as methods to stop or delay the spread of the virus, one wonders how we can adopt our holiday plans and still have a great summer?

I have always been a fan and great supporter of holidaying locally, a so called “Staycation”. In fact I have written about it in a previous blog post.

Yacht in Stockholm
One of our many Staycations in Stockholm

So when I say “staycation” what does that mean in essence ? It’s a term that means holidaying in your country of residence, this is by no means a new phenomena. We are all very familiar with staying at home for the holidays and playing in our backyard because that’s simply what we could afford. However “Staycation” doesn’t have to be that boring and predictable.

In fact there are great vacation destinations available to you at your front door. You only have to take the time to discover great places available to you in your country and in doing so will find new ways to enjoy vacationing in your country. Your are also supporting your countries tourism business and best of all you are saving the planet and saving some money while having a great time. It might have taken a pandemic to force us to change how we live and travel, but its never to late to start caring about the environment and limit our carbon-footprint.

Holidaying in times of Corona is possible, it just may not require getting on a plane. Let’s support our economy and travel locally.

Island in Stockholm




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