2020 is Staycation time in Stockholm

Grand Hotel Saltjöbaden

With the weather warming up in Stockholm and summer on the not-so-distant horizon, many of us are starting to find ourselves itching for some break from our day-to-day.

For Stockholmers in particular, there is often no better form of therapy than a staycation– especially at this year, when a global pandemic forces us to consider not leaving the country.

Well at least we have Sweden for ourselves 😍

Reward yourself

It’s an opportunity to retreat and rediscover the magic that makes locals and visitors alike fall in love with this vibrant city. So while the rest of the world is locked up in their homes, consider rewarding yourself with an urban staycation instead.

Trust–you will find yourself falling in love with Stockholm all over again.

Frank Sinatra Suite

A staycation is really about re-exploring your city as though you’re a traveler, not a local. The Grand Hotel Saltjöbaden offers the perfect home base to do just that, boasting a central location and the spirit of Saltsjöbaden. For those with an eye for design, the Grand Hotel Saltjöbaden is unlike any other property in the city.

Ever stayed in the Same Room as Frank Sinatra? That’s your chance! Frank Sinatra and Ava Gardner checked into this suite on May 10, 1953. So choose the Frank Sinatra Suite for a experience you will never forget! After a long day of exploring Saltsjöbaden, retire to your suite and step into your very own Jacuzi.

Highlighted by superior service and, in my opinion, the best art collection of any hotel in the city. A Stockholm gem with magical environment from a bygone era, queen-like built located in a beautiful bay. The rooms are elegant, fresh, and spacious–something not so common in many other Hotels.

This is my second visit at the Grand Hotel Saltjöbaden, if you wanna have a look at the first one (Incl. Video) Klick Here

Pictures taken by Lena Popova

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