10 Stockholm facts you should know!

1 – Say my name:

The first time the name Stockholm appears on record is in 1252, when Swedish statesman Birger Jarl used it in a letter.

Stockholm is often known as the ‘World’s Smallest Big City’ or the ‘World’s Biggest Small Town’.

2 – World’s Largest Hemispherical Building

Ericsson Globe, located just south of Stockholm’s Södermalm district, is the world’s largest hemispherical building. It has a diameter of 110 metres, the volume is 605 thousand cubic metres, and the inner height is 85 metres. You can see it from pretty much anywhere in Stockholm.

3 – The Narrowest Street

Gamla Stan is full of tiny cobblestoned streets, but the tiniest of all is Mårten Trotzigs Gränd, which is just 90cm wide. It’s also a steep hill, with 36 steps taking you from top to bottom.

4 – Stockholm Syndrome

The term Stockholm Syndromeoriginated from one of Sweden’s most famous crimes. During this six-day bank siege at Norrmalmstorg in 1973, hostages began to identify with their captors. The enormous charm of career criminal Clark Olofsson is considered a key reason for this happening.

5 – World Heritage Sites

Stockholm is home to three UNESCO World Heritage sites: the Royal Palace at Drottningholm, Skogskyrkogården(The Woodland Cemetery) and the Birka archaeological site.

6 – Clean Water

Stockholm sits on 14 islands that are connected by 57 bridges, and the water is so clean you can fish in it, swim in it and even drink it =)

7 – Lots Of Museums

With nearly 100 museums, Stockholm has more museums per capita than almost anywhere else in the world. The National Museum alone has almost 50,000 paintings and objects on display, and many museums are either free or offer ‘free days’.

8 – Worlds oldest open air museum

Skansen is the worlds oldest open-air museum.

9 – Pandemic

In 1710, a catastrophic plague obliterated about one third of Stockholm’s population.

10 – The Nobel Prize

The city became the venue for the award of the first Nobel Prizes, in the year 1901.

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