SCANDINAVIAN INTERIOR – Interview with Homestyling Expert and Influencer Marit

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Hej Marit, please introduce yourself.

My name is Marit. I’m 38 years old and I live in Dalarna in Sweden. I’m married to Pär, and I have two boys from another marrige. And I have one bonus daughter, Thea.
We have a house in Dalarna and a apartment in another city. Because Pär has his company there and Thea goes to school there.

I run my own styling-company since 3 years now. I mostly style peoples houses or apartments when they are planning to sell it. But also when someone wants to have some help with their interior design.

Apart from that I also work as an influencer and do collaborations with different company’s. Both on my Instagram and my blog. I love creating content and photography.

What are the most in-demand trends in Scandinavian interior design nowadays?

We tend to dare some more colors inside our homes now. Which I like. A few years ago it all should be white everywhere. Walls and furniture, “light and fresh” we called it  like a hospital.

Where do you inspire yourself when you furniture your own home?

I like my own home to flirt with both the Scandinavian style (clean and not so munch stuff around) and some horder habits hahaha. And with that I mean that my furniture are straight and clean but I like to have some mess around me to. Open shelfs in the kitchen, and some color on my walls. Even some wallpaper with flowers both in the hallway and also in the girls room.But mostly I am very Scandinavian in my style. Especially outside.

Do you always go along with trends? And which trends are not your thing at all?

No god no. I really don’t like trends at all.Right now people are spraying sealing foam at mirrors and even on furniture. I don’t like it at all. Google it, if you want see. It’s all over Sweden’s interior Instagram

How are Scandinavian houses different from the rest of the world?

Many of our houses are build in wood and painted red, we call it “falu rödfärg” My house is black though.Overall we don’t paint or build our houses in any crazy way. We are very clean in our way of thinking I think. Straight lines and not so much fuzz if you know what I mean. Even new houses are very straight and clean in there looks.

How much does Pinterest and instagram influence you in your own style?

Not so much my style. Im very clear with what I like or don’t like. But if I have a huge job or if we are building something big at home I look for certain ideas. For example when we build our outdoor kitchen I put togheter a huge mood board so I knew what we where heading to. The same now when we are building I coctailpool outside. I want to see many different ideas before I make up my mind completely.

What are the most common mistakes people do when furnishing their homes?

They have to small carpets and to small flowers to their windows 😂
The whole sofa should be placed on the carpet, at least the front feet of it. Carpets should be a base not a little stamp. The same when you put a carpet under a table. Both table and chairs have to fit on it.

And especially old people tend to buy small small pots with small small flowers to put them into their large windows. And often as many as they can fit in the window 😂🤦🏽‍♀️

What inspires you when you create new designs?

I always look at the particular home and try to take out the best of it. It can be some beautiful floors, then a rug with opposite color can make it pop. Or large windows that you would like to show with large flowers and no curtains.

Do you have any ‘specialty’ or your ‘character’ in the interior design?

I Think Im god at seeing the little pieces and put them together to make the big picture look great.And then I also think I’m pretty good at making our 70-this house look much better.We have old stuff, new stuff, designer classics and some things we love. And I make everything work togheter.

My husband love to cook and that’s why our kitchen is big and open both inside and outside. I also make that work so it looks good.

Is there a universal tipp that makes Lagom always possible?

😂 such a funny question. Ok, make straight lines with furnitures and take away unnecessary things. Then you have “Lagom”

Is there such a thing as a Swedish classic when it comes to interior design?

Oh yes. I would say that it is light colors such as beige, grey, greige and eggshell. Maybe a kickcolour but that is very daring.Combined with light wood and linen fabric. That is very Scandinavian for me.

Straight lines ofc and not so much stuff around. One big painting, some keramik decoration. One big rug, light color ofc. That’s it.

Is there a special place that you can recommend to find unique pieces of Scandinavian interior? 

I love outdoor furniture from skargaarden and design of.
My friend Olof @ordesign.swe has done a lot of our personally furniture at our home. He makes it by hand with old wood. It’s amazing. But the boutique Artilleriet in Gothenburg is a really favorite. They also have a webshop.

Thank you so much for this interview Marit, how can our readers find you?

No thank you.You can find me on Instagram My styling company
And then I also have a blog

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