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Interview with Gabriella

What inspires you when you create new designs?

A difficult question honestly, I’ve gotten this one a couple of times and I guess it is a feeling. It’s just there, I really can’t describe it. I look at something
and it just pops up. It really can be anything, so i guess the answer is everything.

Where do you inspire yourself when you furniture your own home?

I find the inspiration from the feeling that I want my home to express, serenity, calm and modern.
Simplicity at its best.

What are the most in-demand trends in Scandinavian interior design nowadays?

Sustainability is very much discussed, one could call it a trend but hopefully it is a lasting one. Re-using and carefully thinking about the pieces that one buys, so it will last longer.
Also I have noticed a more frequent attraction toward natural materials.

Do you always go along with trends? And which trends are not your thing at all?

Yes and no, I usually pick up trends that fit my home and my personality. A little change and mix is always nice, because one does get bored of the same things around all the time.
Well, you should never say never… 😉 But many years ago I did, somewhat, try the shabby chic trend and that really was not me whatsoever. I probably won’t try it again!

How are Scandinavian houses different from the rest of the world?

Oh, such a difficult question! I can’t speak for how it differentiates from the entire world since my experience there is limited.
But I do imagine the average Swede and Scandinavian spending more money on their house, home and decor than many others.
Having a summer cottage in the family out in the countryside is quite usual, I’m not sure that practice is common outside of Scandinavia?

How much does Pinterest and instagram influence you in your own style?

Social media generally influences me a lot. More instagram and their hashtagging system than Pinterest.
Many times I will search for hashtags where I already have a thought or a will to create something specific and develop my ideas from what I see.

What are the most common mistakes people do when furnishing their homes?

To not have continuity to the theme for the home, also when there is a lack of balance between the esthetic and the function. We need both, but too much of one of them is not going to do well.

Is there a universal tipp that makes Lagom always possible?

I’m honestly not a lagom-persona. I like a little bit of extra on everything – designer furniture, handmade candles, custom made curtains. You name it, I want it!

Is there such a thing as a Swedish classic when it comes to interior design?

Yes and no. If we begin with the no-part it would be that trends come and go. Interior wise, a swedish home for a couple that is in their 30’s generally differs from a couple in their 50’s. I know a lot more same aged peers who are interested in design than those who are of a different generation.

If we go to the yes-part. It is a yes, absolutely, for me. But I would rather call it Scandinavian classic. We can’t forget our neighbouring countries whom creates fantastic design both within the furniture business and architectural designs. I have myself pondered what makes the swedish style so classic but i think it is because it has a breath of timelessness.

Do you have any trait in the interior design?

I would say black is my special trait when it comes to decorating my home. Of all the homes and styles I’ve done, having some black interior
is something I’ve always had. It really pops and is timeless.

Thank you so much for this interview Gabriella, how can our readers find you?

Many thanks Marco for wanting to do this interview with me! I can be found on Instagram

I am personally a big ellos fan for Klick here on my Adlink for more.

Here again Gabriellas Pictures =)

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