Expat Photographer – From Stockholm to Singapore and back

Hej Gunilla, please introduce yourself to our readers

Where Did You Grow Up? 

I grew up in a small town of 8000 people south of Stockholm.

Why Did You Move to Singapore? 

I moved to Singapore in 2006 due to my husbands job, we had been wanting to exolore living somewhere else for a while and was so happy that we were finally able to do so. We moved with our kids, then 6 and 10 years old

What Did You Like About Life in Singapore? 

Pretty much everything! 😊 It is a very easy country to live in, its VERY safe, very clean and the food is really WOW, the mixture of all countries cousine is out of this world. But I most say that the absolute best part was that its so multi cultural, different nationalites with different religions and beliefs living together in peace. Watch and learn, rest of the world, I say 😊

What Did You Dislike About Life in Singapore? 

That it was so far away from families and friends back in Sweden, but other than that…can I say the humitidity? I never got used to that high humidity

Why Did You Move Back To Sweden? 

Both the kids are back in Europe now, our son studies in university in Amsterdam. Our daughter works in Gamla Stan for a media company and we missed being closer to them. At the same time we were starting to have serious thoughts on moving back, my husband was offered a job in Stockholm, so we went for it.

What made you choose photography? 

I have never been the parent who started photography when my kids were born, it wasn’t until I had moved to Singapore actually. My husband came home one day and had bought a Canon 450 to me and I just stared at it and thought “now what”? So I took a course in how to operate the camera and from there I was hooked😊  I started photographing friends in Singapore and rather quickly opened my business, I’m celebrating 10 years as a business this year.

What professional photographers have influenced your work, and how do you incorporate their techniques into your photographs? 

My style has changed over the years, I was really into props my first couple of years. When I moved to Malta in 2017 I wanted to focus on interaction between family members, and gorgeous maternity sessions. Moving back to Singapore one year later I had ditched the props entirely 😊 – I love Erika Gerdemarks work.

What type of photography do you enjoy the most?

I love portrait photography, and I could never know how to photograph architectural if my life dependen on it and I truly believe you should not photograph everything, you can not be a specialist in everything 😊  I’m specialized in maternity and family but also love headshot sessions.

Thank you so much for this interview Gunilla, how can our readers find and book you for a session?
On my website: SugarLightPhotography

Check out Gunillas Instagram for beautiful family inspired content

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