Yasuragi: Japanese Spa Hotel in Stockholm

The first time I came across a Yasuragi poster I was immediately intrigued and wanted to find out more. A few months later I had the honour to experience it.

Yasuragi is a Japanese spa hotel in its simple definition, but in reality its a peaceful oasis with a touch of Japanese stillness and nordic aesthetic. The panoramic windows and the minimalistic interior puts you in a calm and mindful state.

Every detail trough out the Hotel has been carefully designed, with a Japanese theme and aesthetic running throughout. From the walk up to the building and surrounding Japanese gardens to the exquisite food.

There are three different Japanese restaurants and a sake bar. All guests are gifted a Yukata (cotton robe) to wear.  There are indoor saunas and hot tubs and cold plunge pools and salt scrub steam rooms and three outdoor hot pools and an outdoor sauna and a sparkling water pool and more.

I stayed overnight and I enjoyed every moment of it. I am already planning my winter visit for next year. Even though the prices are reasonable, keep an eye out for their special deals and packages which they offer few times a year.

If you are on the hunt for a relaxing day or weekend or just want a break from your hectic life, this is the place to give you all that and a little bit more. If spa and relaxing isn’t your cup of tea, this an excellent experience to give as a gift to someone you love.

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