History of Stockholm: Gamla Stan (Part1)

Stockholm also called the town between the bridges. Experiencing medieval Stockholm by wandering trough the cobblestoned allies of Gamla Stan, feels somehow like stepping back in time.

It’s impossible to imagine that this beautiful Unique and charming Old Town was once a district characterised by vice, babaric murders, unbelievable misery and trash.

Let me take you on a journey back in time to the 13 century when this beautiful town was founded. Stockholm was first mentioned as a town in 1252 and was largely built by the Swedish ruler Birger Jarl.

It grew very fast as a result of a trade agreement made with the German city of Lübeck. This agreement ensured Lübeck merchants freedom from customs charges for their trade in Sweden, as well as the right to settle there.

Birger Jarl has built city wall and fortifications around gamla Stan to look the entrance of Lake Mälaren.

The city came to be officially regarded as the Swedish capital in 1436. After conflicts between the Danes and Swedes for many years, Stockholm was liberated from Danish rule by Gustav I Vasa in 1523.

From then on the Gamla Stan frotress was Gustav Vasa’s royal residence. Huge extensions and expensive renovations were carried out during the period that he and subsequently his son Johan the 3rd were in power.

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