Stockholm Archipelago Holiday in 2021 – Hidden Island Huvudskär

It is November 2020 And Sweden has just tightened up its Corona measures. For many of us a holiday has never been as far away as of now. However the weather in Sweden during the summer Is simply amazing, not too hot and not too cold.

And Stockholm, Stockholm is one third water, one third green space and one third built up. All harmonically distributed throughout 14 Islands and next to an archipelago that is just a short boat ride from the royal palace. What a amazing place to discover.

Let me tell you about a place so close and yet so far. I’m talking about the Stockholm archipelago and it’s 30 000 Islands. If I had to choose just one place in Stockholm’s archipelago to go to this summer it would be Huvudskär.

A small fishing island which has an abundance of atmosphere and personality. It is a historical outpost far from the mainland people with smooth granit rock slabs and a astonishing local flora and fauna.

Huvudskär in the beautiful southern archipelago of stockholm, is actually an island group with nearly 200 islands, rocks and skerries.

People have lived in this astonishing villages for more then 700 years. They have been fishermen, hunters and sailors. As far as I know there are no more permanent residents on the islands but the custom houses, pilot station and a bakery are still there.

How to get there? Boat traffic runs in the summer from Strömkajen table 18 and from Dalarö Table 19 or by Bus (SL-bus 839) from Gullmarsplan to Dalarö hotellbrygga

You are coming by boat? Let me give you the coordinates: 58°57’45.6″N 18°34’9.7″E. Keep in mind private boats may not moor at the Kronan jetty in the inner harbor. This is to be left free for use by rescue vessels, the coastguard and taxi boats.

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