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A stay at the Grand Hôtel makes a amazing experience guaranteed. This timeless Hotel is literally in the heart of Sweden and you have every amazing attraction right at your doorstep. The Grand Hôtel in Stockholm has been home to celebrities and high-profile events since 1874.

At the right side you will find the Royal palace and Stockholms famous Gamla Stan (Old Town).  To your left side you have Strandvägen, a very high level promenade on the sea shore and the Royal Game Park. For recreation, there’s the Nordic Spa & Fitness club with hot saunas and cool dipping pools.

The Royal national theatre, Opera house, National Museum and the museum of modern art are just a stone throw away. If you are into shopping, clubbing or good food then the Grand Hôtel is not only the closest you can come to the best of the best.

In fact you have 3 of the best restaurants inside its compound. They include: the Cadier Bar, the Veranda and Mathias Dahlgren Matbaren.

The Grand Hôtel It was founded by Frenchman, Jean-François Régis Cadier, in 1872. Since 1901, the Nobel Prize laureates and their families have traditionally been guests at the hotel, as well as several celebrities and world leaders.

The Princess Lilian Suite has its own cinema, designed by the Nordic region’s foremost acoustician, Ingemar Olsson, accommodates twelve. Named after Princess Lilian, the suite boasts dazzling panorama views of Stockholm.

With two beautiful bedrooms, a cozy sitting room, a packed library, a kitchen, a spa area and an in-suite cinema, this magnificent retreat reflects the style of home that guests would choose to reside in themselves.

Rates are at: SEK 95 000 per night

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