Stockholm Winter Walk – Staying active during the cold days

Blow away the cobwebs with a blustery winter walk. Here in Stockholm, we are lucky to be surrounded by stunning nature and city life alike – from the archipelago to beautiful and historical Gamla Stan.

Walking has so many benefits for our health – it can improve your heart health, boost your mood and make you fitter.

There’s also evidence that it can improve your cognitive function in old age. Just another great reason to get those walking boots on!

When you’re faced with short days and chilly temperatures, you may find the couch calling out to you ever more loudly. Research indicates, though, that hibernating during winter isn’t such a good idea. Being sedentary during winter may also trigger those prone to depression and seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

The good news? A Harvard Medical School study suggests that exercise boosts both mood and health, especially during the colder, darker days of winter. If you tend to head for your jammies, not your running shoes, try shifting your attitude.

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