Interview mit Kid Guarding Specialist – Marco Griesche

Marco Griesche ist Sicherheitsexperte. Seit langer Zeit beschĂ€ftigt sich Marco mit einem sehr sensiblen Thema, das mit Sicherheit viele von euch Eltern und auch mich beschĂ€ftigt:„Ist mein Kind sicher?“ Hallo Marco, möchtest du dich kurz vorstellen? Sich selbst zu beschreiben, fĂ€llt nicht ganz leicht. Ich denke aber sicher sagen zu können, dass ich als MenschContinue reading “Interview mit Kid Guarding Specialist – Marco Griesche”

Swedens forest: 1 tree felled = 3 trees planted

Did you know that more than half of Sweden’s total land area, 57% or 23 million hectares, is covered with forest. This corresponds to the surface of the whole of Great Britain. The north of the country is characterized by hilly landscapes with fir forests. There are also extensive birch forests up to an altitude of 800 meters.

Why you should visit the Yasuragi Spa: Japanese Bath

Improves circulation and aids weight loss Japanese hot springs are heated up to 42 degrees Celcius. While some may find this very hot, it’s well worth it ones you are soaking in it. The Japanese, traditionally take a bath/onsen right before bed to keep their body warm all night. After an active or strenuous day,Continue reading “Why you should visit the Yasuragi Spa: Japanese Bath”

Stockholms alley of MĂ„rten Trotzig – A must see on your Stockholm trip

“The alley of MĂ„rten Trotzig is an alley in Gamla stan, the old town of Stockholm, Sweden. Leading from VĂ€sterlĂ„nggatan and JĂ€rntorget up to PrĂ€stgatan and Tyska Stallplan, the width of its 36 steps tapers down to a mere 90 centimetres (35 in), making the alley the narrowest street in Stockholm…”

Is Sweden a Socialist country?

After my fist few month in Sweden I have asked myself this question many times. “Is Sweden a Socialist country?” Looking deeper into this, you will find that Sweden is in fact very pro capitalism, but does big redistribution through taxes.

Grand HĂŽtel Stockholm

Grand HĂŽtel Stockholm – A stay at the Grand HĂŽtel makes a amazing experience guaranteed. This timeless Hotel is literally in the heart of Sweden and you have every amazing attraction right at your doorstep. The Grand HĂŽtel in Stockholm has been home to celebrities and high-profile events since 1874.

Animals in Sweden – JĂ€mtland Goat

Animals in Sweden – JĂ€mtland Goat

This goat was once often known as ‘the poor man’s cow’. However, in contrast to cows, it can survive in meagre conditions. This traditional breed of goat (JĂ€mtgeten), is well adapted to the kind of extensive farming that was the norm in JĂ€mtland and HĂ€rjedalen.

5 Swedish quotes to make you successful in life

Since Sweden is ranked as the second most-innovative country in the world and with more billion-dollar tech companies per capita than any other city but Silicon Valley, it’s no surprise that Stockholm is at the heart of it all. I wanted to share some Swedish wisdom quotes on success in order to shed some light on the Swedish mindset on success.

Schwedischer Trend: Swedish Food and Fika Socks

Wer kennt den Trend noch nicht? Kunterbunte Socken mit verschiedensten Motiven. Und es trĂ€gt sie wirklich jeder. Ob zu einem Anzug im BĂŒro, stylisch in den Sneakers oder einfach Zuhause. Bunte Socken gehen mittlerweile immer.  Eric Blomster ist der GrĂŒnder und Besitzer der Firma „Svensk Husman socks – Swedish Food and Fika Socks“ Die DesignsContinue reading “Schwedischer Trend: Swedish Food and Fika Socks”

Villa Öst – Interior Design in Sweden

What are the most in-demand trends in Scandinavian interior design nowadays?

Sustainability is very much discussed, one could call it a trend but hopefully it is a lasting one. Re-using and carefully thinking about the pieces that one buys, so it will last longer.
Also I have noticed a more frequent attraction toward natural materials.

10 Stockholm facts you should know!

10 Stockholm facts you should know!

The first time the name Stockholm appears on record is in 1252, when Swedish statesman Birger Jarl used it in a letter.

Stockholm is often known as the ‘World’s Smallest Big City’ or the ‘World’s Biggest Small Town’…

Stockholm Hidden Gems | 4 Photo Shoot Location Ideas Stockholm

Stockholm Hidden Gems | 4 Photo Shoot Location Ideas Stcokholm – It started in my mind when I was searching for different places to go shooting with my son. Although Stockholm is absolutely beautiful and there’s so many things to see and visit, I could not find a good, clear article about locations for a photo shoot. Places like Gamla Stan , Stadshuset and so on are all pretty but too touristy for my liking, so it had to be something different. A Stockholm hidden gem that only locals really know of, which meant less people around and more freedom for shooting!

German – History of Stockholm

German – History of Stockholm – The Swedish-German relations are characterized by vicinity, affinity and understanding and are very good on many levels. Through these centuries, both countries have been close and their influence have been strong in both directions. Read more here.

2020 is Staycation time in Stockholm

With the weather warming up in Stockholm and summer on the not-so-distant horizon, many of us are starting to find ourselves itching for some break from our day-to-day. For Stockholmers in particular, there is often no better form of therapy than a staycation– especially at this year, when a global pandemic forces us to consider not leaving the country. Well at least we have Sweden for ourselves…

Holiday in times of Corona

I think it is save to say the way we live day to day has been hugely effected by the coronavirus pandemic. Therefore it comes as no surprise that the way we holiday and travel will include that too. While many countries around the globe has enforced social distancing and self quarantine as methods to stop or delay the spread of the virus, one wonders how we can adopt our holiday plans and still have a great summer?

Smoking in Sweden

Smoking in Swedish bars and restaurants has been banned since 2005. A new outdoor smoking ban in certain public places, including playgrounds and train station platforms, has taken effect since July 2019. The new ban, includes e-cigarettes. According to “Tobaksrökning, daglig” Smoking in Sweden is at a very low prevalence; only 11% of the totalContinue reading “Smoking in Sweden”

Fishing rules in Sweden

Swedish citizens may fish without a licence in public waters. Foreign citizens may fish without a licence in those waters as long as they use hand gear. The basic rules of the Right of Public Access always apply: show consideration, don’t disturb, and don’t destroy. Fishing is prohibited within 100 meters of stationary fishing gear,Continue reading “Fishing rules in Sweden”

Boating in the Archipelago (Dream Boat Club)

If you haven’t been to the Archipelago but have been planning on seeing it, I suggest you do yourself a favour by renting a boat. It’s probably the best way to experience and see all the different islands and the breathtaking coastline it has to offer. I went boating with the Dream Boat Club, whoContinue reading “Boating in the Archipelago (Dream Boat Club)”

Downtown Camper: Stockholm guide

If luxury, retreat and spa is your jam, you have found home at the Downtown camper. They offer everything from yoga classes, meditation and facials. Locally made kayaks, longboards and bikes are available to borrow for an upclose experience of the city. Since the location of the Hotel is in town, you have great varietyContinue reading “Downtown Camper: Stockholm guide”

The best Cafe in Stockholm

CafĂš Schweizer – It really is the best cafe in Stockholm. We figured this out as soon as we stepped inside. The place is relaxed, well-decorated and offers comfy chairs perfectly positioned in front of huge windows overlooking beautiful Gamla Stan. There’s a board to leave your initials, too. I think the staff is theContinue reading “The best Cafe in Stockholm”

Renting a Yacht in Stockholm

🇾đŸ‡Ș Du gamla, du fria… Leaving Sweden for a Holiday during the Summer? Never! 😀 I have spent the last days at the Marine Cabin Yacht by Getaway Deluxe Honestly speaking it was the most Amazing Hotel/Boat I have even been too! I have found GetawayDeluxe by them following my @deinschweden Account on Instagram and itContinue reading “Renting a Yacht in Stockholm”

Outdoor – Father and Son Workout

Those days when the weather isn’t great and you feel like you’re getting cabin fever, outdoor workout is a great way to feel better. Here’s some footage my son and I captured. Yes My 2 year old son did some filming. Check our day out

5 reasons every kid should practice Martial arts

1. Self-Defense This is the number one reason why most people decide to practice martial arts, many styles are a great way to learn how to defend yourself. Martial arts teach you the techniques to defend yourself, but also the way to think about defending yourself – anticipate and avoid potential dangers. Training also helpsContinue reading “5 reasons every kid should practice Martial arts”

Sparadiset in Stockholm

  Det har vart rĂ€tt trist vĂ€der dom senaste veckorna, jag upptĂ€ckte ett grymt spa som heter Sparadiset. Det finns flera runt om stan. Jag gick till den i Östermals torg. Den lĂ„g ganska nĂ€ra tunnelbanan. VĂ€ldigt avslappnande och mysigt, precis det som behövs för att kunna stĂ„ emot mörkret och kylan ute. Priserna varContinue reading “Sparadiset in Stockholm”

Dubai – Desert Safari with kids

We thought we’d have one big, fairly expensive, touristy splurge evening in the desert, with camels, dune bashing, sand surfing, grill buffet, belly dancing, fire spitting, the full desert-camp extravaganza.It cost us a fair bit, around $300, for 5 of us so it was totally worth it. Are 4×4 Desert Safaris for Children ? MyContinue reading “Dubai – Desert Safari with kids”

Making S’mores with outdoor fire

I won’t sugar coat it, day camping is not always easy, specially when you’re accompanied by three children and its freezing cold outside. But at the same time it helps us all feel more relaxed while our body and mind can take a break from the hectic everyday schedule and readjust to the calm rhythmContinue reading “Making S’mores with outdoor fire”