Villa Öst – Interior Design in Sweden

What are the most in-demand trends in Scandinavian interior design nowadays?

Sustainability is very much discussed, one could call it a trend but hopefully it is a lasting one. Re-using and carefully thinking about the pieces that one buys, so it will last longer.
Also I have noticed a more frequent attraction toward natural materials.

Stockholm Hidden Gems | 4 Photo Shoot Location Ideas Stockholm

Stockholm Hidden Gems | 4 Photo Shoot Location Ideas Stcokholm – It started in my mind when I was searching for different places to go shooting with my son. Although Stockholm is absolutely beautiful and there’s so many things to see and visit, I could not find a good, clear article about locations for a photo shoot. Places like Gamla Stan , Stadshuset and so on are all pretty but too touristy for my liking, so it had to be something different. A Stockholm hidden gem that only locals really know of, which meant less people around and more freedom for shooting!

Boating in the Archipelago (Dream Boat Club)

If you haven’t been to the Archipelago but have been planning on seeing it, I suggest you do yourself a favour by renting a boat. It’s probably the best way to experience and see all the different islands and the breathtaking coastline it has to offer. I went boating with the Dream Boat Club, whoContinue reading “Boating in the Archipelago (Dream Boat Club)”