Nofo Hotel: Södermalm

The hotel is build in a courtyard style where the bar is located in the middle. The rooms all have unique designs and interior. I stayed in the Brooklyn room, which had a hip and modern design to it. There can be a parallel drawn between Brooklyn and Södermalm which is where the hotel is located at. Both locations are associated with hipster, artistry and cool vibe, which is the overwhelming feeling I got. I stayed for one night during summer and it was cosy. I had a great time discovering the area and taking long walks. Since Södermalm is one of my favourite places in Stockholm, the NOFO Hotel has a great location and you can walk to (Gamla Stan) in 15 minutes). For the price and location you get a pretty good deal.


Grand Hotel: creme de la creme


If you’re ever seen those videos of celebrities being hunted by photographers and adoring fans, as they make their escape into a fancy hotel. The grand hotel makes you feel like you are that special person, its quite remarkable how fancy interior, brick and mudd can change your outlook on yourself and what’s possible. There is a privacy policy in place at the hotel, which means you can’t take pictures or videos in public areas through out the hotel. There is an overflow of luxury that breaths through the hotel, from the minute you walk in, to when you lie your head down at night smelling of Bottega Veneta. It’s pretty challenging to pick one feature that I liked the most, since there is so much to rave about but I have to say the spa area was spectacular and this hotel is nothing short of the creme de la creme of hotels.

Birger Jarl Hotel

If location is top priority in your decision of booking a hotel, Birger Jarl is a great choice.  The hotel has a modern design with a upscale business aura.  I enjoyed my stay at this hotel, it covers all the basics you need to feel comfortable at a hotel. I usually don’t pay much attention to hotel gym, but I have to say training with a view overlooking Vasastan is hard to beat. The best part was the vast breakfast options available and the living room designed restaurant. I highly recommend going their for a brunch even if you’re not staying at the hotel.

Stockholm Hotel Guide: Motel L

If you’re on the hunt for a price friendly place to stay, Motel L isa great choice. It’s located at the trendy Hammarby sjostad, a stone throw and you can get on a boat to Djurgarden or KungstrĂ€dgĂ„rden. The hotel is a designed by a famous architect, and has a hip and relaxed vibe. Prices start from as low as 725 kr/ night, and the best part being the location which has lots of various of eatery and stunning views. Hammarby is a special place, as I lived there ones upon a time, its kid friendly area and close to town, which makes it perfect for families with young kids.

Boating in the Archipelago (Dream Boat Club)

If you haven’t been to the Archipelago but have been planning on seeing it, I suggest you do yourself a favour by renting a boat. It’s probably the best way to experience and see all the different islands and the breathtaking coastline it has to offer. I went boating with the Dream Boat Club, who offer renting services of different types of boats with desired options onboard like, water-ski, wakeboards, snorkelling gear, fishing equipment etc. It was extraordinary, I would go as far as saying, you haven’t experienced Swedish summer at its peak if you haven’t been Boating. It allows you to experience everything from a different dimension, the speed, the wind hitting your face and the endless view of clear blue water, you become one with your surrounding.  Wether your live in Sweden or  visiting, boating through the Archipelago is an unforgettable activity that everyone no matter age will appreciate and remember for a lifetime. One thing to keep in mind, the best season for boating in Sweden is from june to august.


5 Kinderfreundliche AktivitÀten in Stockholm

1. Gamla Stan

Gamla-Stan muss man gesehen haben. In der Altstadt Stockholms, kann man tolle Architektur bestaunen, Bilder auf dem berĂŒhmten MĂ„rten Trotzigs GrĂ€nd machen und tolle Mitbringsel und Erinnerungen erwerben.

2. Skansen

Skansen ist ein absolutes Kinderparadies, der Grossteil der AktivitÀten ist den Kindern gewidmet. Es gibt tolle SpielplÀtze, einen Streichelzoo und Spielecken.

3. Gröna Lund

Gröna Lund 1883 vom Deutschen Jacob Schultheiss gegrĂŒndet und seitdem der schönste Freizeitpark in Stockholm. Rasenende Geschwindigkeit, atemberaubende höhe mit phĂ€nomenaler Aussicht.

4. Junibacken

Junibacken die Welt der Geschichten Astrid Lindgrens. Erkunde die Villa Kunterbunt und erlebe den unnachahmlichen Story-train

5. Oceanbus

Oceanbus Einmal durch Stockholm von Land und Wasser, in einem einigen Fahrzeug; einem Amphibienbus! Eine tolle Tour in der man Stockholms bekannteste Sehenswuerdigkeiten erleben kann.

Downtown Camper: Stockholm guide

If luxury, retreat and spa is your jam, you have found home at the Downtown camper. They offer everything from yoga classes, meditation and facials. Locally made kayaks, longboards and bikes are available to borrow for an upclose experience of the city. Since the location of the Hotel is in town, you have great variety of shopping and sightseeing right at your doorstep, you wouldn’t need a travel card during your stay, as you could walk to most places, like the royal palace etc. There are so many aspects of this hotel I could rave about but I have to say, the best part was the rooftop pool with a unbeatable view of Stockholm, which makes you feel like you’re on top of the world. Even if you’re a local Swede wanting a great staycation this is the place to make you love Stockholm even more.


A Skyview of Stockholm

The Skyview in Globen feels like Swedens answer to the London Eye or the Burj Khalifa. If you love Stockholm, then you might want to consider viewing it from 424 feet above sea level. I recently experienced Skyview with my 5 year old daughter, and she loved it, the view is truly stunning as Globen is at the heart of Södermalm.  Although height is not my forte, I really enjoyed the ride which lasted for 20 minute. Overall its a memorable thing to do with a loved one and you can take amazing pictures with Stockholm as your backdrop.


The Winery hotel: Stockholm Guide

I Stayed at the Winery Hotel, which is an urban winery and boutique hotel. Let’s just say passion for wine is at the heart of this hotel and they even produce their own brand of wine. That wasn’t what intrigued me to stay at this hotel instead I was attracted to the roof pool terrace which by the way, is listed in Forbes magazine as,  one the best rooftop pools in the world. I mean that’s pretty impressive, so there is no surprise I had high hopes and expectations and I have to say it blew them all out of the water, literally. The vibe of the overall hotel is very urban and modern with a touch of Tuscany, if that makes any sense. The hotel is located in Solna, home to Scandinavias largest Shopping centre called mall of Scandinavia.If you decide to stay here, you would be in a pretty good location to take the train to old town and its also fairly close to the Arlanda airport. The rooms are elegant with high sealing, lots of light and it has an overall Brooklyn feel to it, with red brick walls. I enjoyed my stay at the hotel, and the best part was without a doubt, the rooftop pool, the water was warm and you get a stunning view over Stockholm. overall it was a win win with everything and I recommend anyone who wants the best of Stockholm as well as a relaxed getaway to choose to stay at the Winery Hotel.



Oceanbus tour: Stockholm

I recently discovered there’s such a thing as a “ocean-bus“. The entire idea is pretty interesting, you get on board an actual, regular bus. It looks like a bus, it drives on the road, just like a bus should, but then as it approaches the “ocean” it doesn’t stop or hesitate, quite the contrary, it drives or dives so to speak right into it. It is an experience worh the wait. The best part is the funny and mostly sarcastic tour guide who gives you a crash course in swedish history while being entertaining with fascinating facts about stockholm and the historical buildings. We also got to see few famous swedish owned properties around strandvĂ€gen, which I should poing out, is the richest postcode in Stockholm, prices starting at €20.000 per Sqm. My overall experience could be summed up in one word, entertaining. If you are currently in Stockholm I recommend it, as it’s an outside the box attraction.