So kommt Ihr nach Djurgården (Skansen, Gröna Lund, Vasa Museum u.v.m.)

Ich werde oft gefragt ” wie komme ich nach Skansen ”
Hier also die Strecke von Slussen in Gamla Stan zur Allmänna gränd auf Djurgården, wo der Eingang zum Vergnügungspark Gröna Lund liegt und viele weitere Attraktionen.
Wir zeigen euch den Fußweg nach Skansen.

Stockholm U-Bahn Kunst

U-Bahn Stationen gehören auf der ganzen Welt nicht zu den Orten, an denen man sich gerne aufhaltet. Sie sind meistens hässlich und von seltsamen gestalten. Ganz anders die Tunnelbana in Stockholm. In der Stockholmer U-Bahn aber befindet sich eine der schönsten Sehenswürdigkeiten der Stadt.

Stockholm Hotel Test – Gamla Stan

I always get the following question on my Instagram ;where should I stay? Can you recommend a Hotel? Since (Gamla Stan) is one of my favourite locations here in Stockholm , I figured it would be nice to find a really good hotel there. To my surprise, I realised that there aren’t that many hotels in Gamla Stan, well not as many as I assumed. I did some research and found The Lady Hamilton Hotel. I reached out to them and was pleasantly surprised when they offered me to stay for a night. It was better then I imagined, as I expected the vibe to be more “vintage-ish”, but it was pretty modern and fresh with a decor of classical furnitures.The bed was super cosy , it had a huge modern bathroom with a bathtub. We actually had 2 rooms, one for Elias and one for me, there is a sauna in the basement available to ones liking. The breakfast was great, there was something for everyone to enjoy! The carrot cake was amazing, my son couldn’t get enough, we had to get out of there before he ate it all 🙂

Thank you so much to The Lady Hamilton Hotel in Gamla Stan for a beautiful day! I will definitely come back!!!
If you’re visiting Stockholm check out their hotel, you won’t be disappointed 🙂