Birger Jarl Hotel

If location is top priority in your decision of booking a hotel, Birger Jarl is a great choice.  The hotel has a modern design with a upscale business aura.  I enjoyed my stay at this hotel, it covers all the basics you need to feel comfortable at a hotel. I usually don’t pay much attentionContinue reading “Birger Jarl Hotel”

Stockholm Hotel Guide: Motel L

If you’re on the hunt for a price friendly place to stay, Motel L isa great choice. It’s located at the trendy Hammarby sjostad, a stone throw and you can get on a boat to Djurgarden or Kungsträdgården. The hotel is a designed by a famous architect, and has a hip and relaxed vibe. PricesContinue reading “Stockholm Hotel Guide: Motel L”

Downtown Camper: Stockholm guide

If luxury, retreat and spa is your jam, you have found home at the Downtown camper. They offer everything from yoga classes, meditation and facials. Locally made kayaks, longboards and bikes are available to borrow for an upclose experience of the city. Since the location of the Hotel is in town, you have great varietyContinue reading “Downtown Camper: Stockholm guide”

The best Cafe in Stockholm

Cafè Schweizer – It really is the best cafe in Stockholm. We figured this out as soon as we stepped inside. The place is relaxed, well-decorated and offers comfy chairs perfectly positioned in front of huge windows overlooking beautiful Gamla Stan. There’s a board to leave your initials, too. I think the staff is theContinue reading “The best Cafe in Stockholm”

Das ABBA Museum in Stockholm

ABBA – The Museum ist eine interaktive Ausstellung über die Popgruppe ABBA, die am 7. Mai 2013 in der schwedischen Hauptstadt Stockholm eröffnet wurde. Als Teil der Swedish Music Hall of Fame befindet sich das Museum im Untergeschoss des Gebäudes auf Djurgården in Stockholm, in der Nähe des Gröna Lund-Vergnügungsparks. Organisatoren schätzen pro Jahr eine Million Besucher. (Wikipedia) Das Abba-Museum befindet sich auf der HalbinselContinue reading “Das ABBA Museum in Stockholm”

Stockholm Hotel Test – Gamla Stan

🇸🇪 Stockholm 🧳 Hotel Test – 📍Gamla Stan – 👨‍👦 Vater und Sohn